Certified Arborist #



Our licensed and insured certified arborists offer the following services.


Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning, Fertilizing

We’ll remove crowded, dead, or dangerous trees from your property with powerful cranes operated by experienced specialists.  We also offer complete pruning and trimming services that promote tree structure and growth.


Stump Grinding and Removal

Need ugly and hazardous stumps removed from your property? Our stump grinding service will restore your landscape to its natural beauty without damaging the surrounding area.


Cabling and Bracing of Weak Trees

If your trees are at risk of no longer being able to support their weight, we can help you save them and your property with tree cabling services.  Cables and brace rods are supplemental structural supports intended to reduce the risk of failure of weak branches and multiple stems.


Lightning Protection

More than one million trees in the United States are struck by lightning each year.  We offer lightning protection systems that can minimize the risk of damage from a strike. These systems use copper conductors connected to a ground rod to reduce tree damage and conduct the electrical charge to the earth where the energy is dispersed. This protects the trees and reduce the risk of a side-flash to adjacent structures.


Land Clearing  

We prepare land clearing and site preparation for construction. We will clear your land with no burning and no damage to trees that you want to keep.  We can sculpt your land or simply clear everything to make way for construction.


Utility Line Clearance

We provide professional, cost effective line clearance services to utilities and municipalities. Services include everything from distribution and transmission right-of-way clearance to utility forestry consulting services and custom herbicide applications.


Storm Damage

Most damage to property during severe weather events occurs due to falling trees and limbs.  While it is impossible to totally protect your trees and property from severe storms, our certified arborists can inspect for defects and conditions that could predispose your trees to failure.